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TOBASA's core values include the permanent care with the biodiversity, from its extractivist processes to the final delivery of its products – with environmentally friendly solutions – in all its business segments.

The company developed a babassu coconut supply chain with innovative and sustainable logistics of fruit collection, promoting the conservation of the babassu forests and encouraging the generation of income for an expressive contingent of agroextractivist families.

In this context, its action has been increasing the appreciation and awareness of the extractive families involved in the activity of the babassu coconut collection in the wide forest area of Tocantins, whose state is inserted in the Legal Amazon


Socio-environmental Actions

  • CDI: participation in the Council for Democratization of Digital Computing

  • Military Police Headquarters: collaboration in the reform of the current headquarters of the Military Police

  • City Hall of Tocantinópolis: donation of an area of 1,300 m² for construction of the Tancredo Neves Municipal School and another area of 4,500 m² for the construction of the headquarters of the Tocantinópolis Association of Furniture Builders

  • Educational and Scientific Projects: partnerships with State and Municipal Colleges, Federal Technical Schools and several Universities: UFT, UNITINS, ITPAC, ULBRA, CATÓLICA e UFRJ

  • Babassu Extractivist Communities: incentive to the conservation of the babassu forests through the extractivists involved in collecting and breaking of the babassu coconut

TOBASA'S Residential Village

Employee housing with the “Praça da Cutia*” located in the Village center, in honor of this "tireless collaborator", who often “forgets” where it buried the coconuts after having eaten them and thus allows the almonds be germinated into new babassu trees palms

* Cutia is a small rodent frequently found in Brazilian forests

Planting of Babassu Palms in the COCAL SMALL FARM

Pilot planting of babassu seedlings: (i) research on plant technology and (ii) evaluation of the carbon sequestration capacity, aiming at the contribution of the babassu forest in reducing the greenhouse effect, in partnership with EMPRAPA Cocais

Co-idealizer and maintainer of the 1st integrated project in Brazil of "babassu handicrafts" between companies and artisans – in partnership with SEBRAE/TO, developing in several counties in the north region of Tocantins the handicrafts from the babassu coconut, to which TOBASA supplies the “sliced babassu endocarp”



TOBASA Soccer Team

Soccer team three-time champion of the Workers' Games – sponsored by SESI – at the Municipal, State and Regional levels, in 2008 (Cuiabá), 2009 (Brasília) and 2010 (Campo Grande). After such achievements, the time participated in the national workers league in Bento Gonçalves (RS) and Salvador (BA)

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