The babassu coconut is native of a palm from north Brazil, that occupies large tracts of land with forest cover, being a renewable resource that has huge energy potential and chemical products generation.



“Bioindustry and Sustainability”: A pioneering and innovative Project, located in the Legal Amazon, in the state of Tocantins, for the “Full Industrialization of the Babassu Cocconut”, aiming at a strategic positioning in the renewable energy markets and sustainable environmentally friendly products, such as: oil, protein feed, energetic biomasses, amylaceous flours, starch alcohol and activated carbon.

Activated Carbon

TOBASA – with its own developed technology – manufactures the activated carbon from the babassu coconut endocarp, which is considered a noble raw material because of its intrinsic high hardness...


With the full industrialization of the babassu coconut, TOBASA offers products and raw materials for various industry sectors: Hygiene and Cleaning, Agricultural, Biofuels, Chemistry, Cosmetics and Alcoholic Beverages.


TOBASA has in its essence the permanent care with the biodiversity, from its extractivist processes to the final delivery of its products – with ecologically correct solutions...