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Pulverized Activated Carbon

BIOCARBON PV TOBASA is used for liquid phase application in continuous or discontinuous process. This product is recommended for cases whereupon varied dosages are required and/or there are operational difficulties for use in columns, as well as when the regeneration of the activated carbon is not suitable.

Such systems are provided with agitation to keep the powder in suspension with the liquid to be treated, in order to make an efficient contact and greater use of the activated carbon. The granulometry of its particles promotes an intimate contact with the liquid to be purified, besides having the necessary characteristics of wettability and sedimentation.


The high efficiency provides the use of minimum dosages, favoring the filterability and the subsequent removal of the liquid. After adsorption, the powder is separated from the liquid by centrifugation, filtration, decantation, or by a combination of such separation processes.

PVU TOBASA BIOCARBON is a moist activated carbon according to the specifications of the fluid to be treated. Its main characteristic is being an anti-dispersive product, making itself ideal for environments that need to be always clean, such as food industries water sanitation companies.

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