TOBASA – with its own technology – manufactures the activated carbon from the endocarp of babassu coconut, which is considered a noble raw material because of its intrinsic high hardness, which technically makes it possible to obtain high activation rates. This ecological activated carbon, with a large surface area of adsorption (700 to 1,200 m²/g), is constituted of micropores and mesopores essentially, maintaining – after the activation process – high hardness and an excellent resistance to abrasion. These characteristics make it particularly suitable, within other innumerous applications, for dynamic water treatment systems and industrial filters for water dechlorination and – especially – in residential filters and purifiers.


Activated Carbon


Activated Carbon

Carbon Block

Activated Carbon


is fabricated using a high temperature physical carboactivation process...


is used for liquid phase application, in continuous or discontinuous process...


is manufactured through rigorous extrusion process...

General Application of
Activated Carbon
  • Catalyst and catalyst support

  • Fabrication of residential filter elements

  • Air pollution control

  • Elimination of undesirable flavors and odors, impurities and cutting materials

  • Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment Units

  • Residential filters and purifiers

  • Industrial filters

  • Respiratory masks, cigarette filters and air conditioning

  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industries

  • Organic acids purification

  • Carbon dioxide purification

  • Gold recovery

  • Solvents recovery

  • Reduction of acidity, aldehydes, ketones and undesirable superior alcohols in distilled beverages

  • Dechlorination of treated water (drinkable and industrial)

  • Elimination of undesirable flavors and odors

  • Retention of gases and vapors

  • Municipal water sanitation

  • Separation of gas/liquid from petroleum

  • Industrial solvents and wastes

  • Wastewater and effluents treatment

  • Medicinal use: hemodialysis, poisoning treatment and intestinal problems

  • Other industrial separation and purification processes