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Granulated Activated Carbon

The BIOCARBON CS TOBASA is manufactured through a high temperature physical carboactivation process, which gives it a large surface area of adsorption, uniform distribution of pores and high hardness (that avoids carbon fines generation in the filter bed). The activated carbon is produced by a high quality control system to prevent contamination by microorganisms. This product presents high efficiency for the adsorption of chemicals and removal of flavor and odor of the fluid to be purified, and it can also be manufactured with adjusted pH according to the needs of each client.


BIOCARBON CSI TOBASA is an activated carbon impregnated with colloidal silver at an adequate percentage in order to obtain bacteriostatic effect, avoiding proliferation of bacteria inside the filters and residential purifiers.

BIOCARBON CS SPECIAL TOBASA is an activated carbon washed with appropriate water and sterilized at 200°C. Washing allows the removal of salts in water (contained in the activated carbon carbonaceous structure), avoiding the transfer of unpleasant tastes in water. The sterilization procedure eliminates possible contaminants in the filter environment where the use of the activated carbon is required.

BIOCARBON CSI SPECIAL TOBASA is an activated carbon washed and impregnated with colloidal silver, efficient for chlorine reduction, removal of taste and odor from the water. Besides, it has bacteriostatic effects, preventing proliferation of bacteria inside the filters and household purifiers.


  • The granular activated carbons (CS, CSI, CS Special and CSI Special) may be produced in conventional granulometry or according to customer needs.

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